A pair of ¾ leggings is a sports classic One of the most popular leggings’ style of all time is ¾ leggings or cropped leggings. They are the very best fitting and feeling leggings in a casual clothing wardrobe. As far as basic women's leggings go, this a-must-have leg fashion piece is ideal for daily fashion and sports activities. They usually come in a huge array of colors to give a choice and outfit combinations. ¾ leggings for those who likes comfort ¾ leggings are ideal for almost all sports activities: workouts in the gym, yoga classes, Pilates, dance lessons, hiking and jogging. They are super comfortable and stretchy. A high quality elastic fabric makes them flexible and offers freedom of body movement. You can wear them in the gym during the cold winter season and for warm months, there is no better option, than cropped leggings. They will keep you relaxed and confident during your regular activities and ensure an amazing fit, with enough flexibility. Speaking about wearing them for your everyday activities (school, work or evenings with friends), we can assure you that three quarter leggings can be paired with different pieces from your wardrobe. You can wear cropped leggings with knee boots or over-the-knee boots and short sweater. If you want to look taller, you should try wearing them with high-heeled boots and loose hoodie. During warm season, you can wear them with flat sandals and sleeveless top. And for those who wants to make a statement the ideal variant is wearing three quarter leggings with cool ankle boots and rocky jacket with chiс accessories. In our online store you will find a great selection of cropped leggings. We stock colorful and printed cropped leggings in many sizes and models. Choose your perfect pair right now! If you have any questions or proposals, please feel free to contact our support team. We are here for you every day.