There is nothing like a perfect pair of jeggings Jeggings have a lot of fans, and have been termed by some as the most important fashion revolution of the 21st century. Jeggings are leggings that are designed to look like skinny denim jeans. Unlike leggings, which are worn under the dress or skirt, jeggings can be worn like jeans or trousers as they are made of denim fabric. While some jeggings are stitched just like jeans with front pockets, zip and button, others come with an elastic waistband without any pockets and are made of leggings materials like cotton/spandex mixtures. To give them jeans-like feel, designers add details including faux pockets, belt loops and cuffs apart from a simple elastic waistband. There are certain reasons, why we love jeggings: 1. They are so much more comfortable than normal skin tight jeans. 2. They have super cool look of jeans without the lack of comfort. 3. When it comes to tucking your jeans into boots, jeggings work much better than regular jeans. 4. Their tight fit balances out tunics and flowy tops. 5. Black jeggings are surprisingly chic. Pair with heels, a sparkly top and a blazer for a night out. 6. Unlike regular jeans, you could easily wear your jeggings to yoga. How to wear your jeggings? Your perfect pair of jeggings can be teamed up with a loose fitting party top and summer sandals for a relaxed trendy look. Jeggings also look fabulous with tunic dress and high boots. You can also wear them with a long sweater or tee and a long cardigan over it, here you can add a pair of loafers. When choosing your jeggings, you should look for nice contrast stitching, a good quality stretchy material, with a skinny fit. The waist should be firmly elasticated with high quality for comfort and style. Check out our new jeggings’ collection and find your perfect and glamorous pair, ideal for work or leisure.

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